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we're not really strangers

Created with students of the University of the Art's School of Dance and presented in the Spring Dance Series 2022, we're not really strangers is an opportunity to find tenderness, connection, and reflection in ourselves and with each other during a time where we might not have gotten to otherwise.


Through a highly collaborative, self-interrogative, improv-based, and healing centered processed, we explored questions of accumulated experiences, moving through as opposed to moving past, with the intention of opening up room to begin to recollect and reconcile the pieces of us that have been exiled, harmed, detached, or lost along the way. We navigated through physical explorations, personal reflections, and conversations (always putting ourselves and safety as humans first) to birth a work that serves as an archive - a living, moving, interwoven journal entry - that meets us exactly where we are. 

Artists: Eli Basila, Keana Combs, Rayonna Dixon, Abigail Lynch, Serraya Milland, Adaline Ohman, Kayla Ricketts, Kaitlyn Sowles

Rehearsal Assistant: Cameron Childs

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