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after the credits

Through conscious reflection, personal acknowledgement, and active engagement with other bodies in space, "after the credits" questions how we navigate through and beyond the trauma archived physically under the gaze of others. The trio of three men of color explores how human existence itself is inherently subject to high levels of visibility. We are always exposed. We are often watched, but we are seldom seen. In the realm of this work, being seen can be defined as being acknowledged, accepted, listened to, understood, held, loved, and supported in the most genuine ways. It is the connection to other people from strangers to kin alike that when missing, can have detrimental effects on a person mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

after the credits was created with support, space, and resources granted by a joint residency program between Chez Bushwhack, Center for Performance Research and the University of the Arts, as well by BRIC through my time as a BRIClab Artist in Residence.

The initial exploration of the work featured Kevyn Butler, Eric Parra and Donovan Reed whose collaboration, investment and openness in that beginning stage created the groundwork for the next stage of development of the work. The most recent exploration of the work, developed in residency at BRIC in November 2018, included Eric Parra, Tyrone Bevans and Wendell Gray II, with lighting design done by Daniel Friday. 

Photos by Toby Tenenbaum

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